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Doesn't every young person
have a dream?

What if many of these dreams - a professional career, a place at university, a livelihood in sport or the arts - don't materialise? Not because of inability or inaptitude, but because of a postcode?

icanyoucantoo is a 100% volunteer-powered social enterprise who tackle social inequality head on. We are compelled to act based on what we see and hear from the non-privileged London communities we support. 

young people have completed our programme since 2016

hot meals and other food items have been delivered to vulnerable families

young people, parents, teachers & corporate professionals have been presented to

What we do


Food items and essential household supplies provided


What We Do

We provide support under three operational initiatives:

For Young People


We run a coaching and mentoring programme for young people aged 16-21, to facilitate social mobility. We equip them with the skills and networks they need to access further education or employment.

  • +500 young people have completed the programme since 2016;

  • 95% say that their aspirations have been raised as a result;

  • Our latest cohort rated the programme 9.6/10


For Vulnerable Families

We provide vulnerable families with hot meals, essential supplies, and educational equipment. We provide these vital resources so that families are fed and can access education regardless of their circumstances. Since March 2020, we have provided:

  • +28,000 hot meals and other food items;

  • +1,500 vulnerable individuals with support;

  • +500 volunteers with the opportunity to give their time to make these initiatives happen


For Society

Through 'Storytelling', we deliver education and awareness to start-ups through to FTSE-100 organisations. We share our learnings, opportunities to volunteer, and the chance to mentor our young people to affect change on ‘both sides.’

  • +12,500 young people, parents, teachers and corporate professionals have been presented to;

  • +3,500 volunteering hours  have been created;

  • +500 professionals volunteered their time in 2022/23

Alumni Outcomes

Our students have secured work experience, apprenticeships or will study for a university degree at the following establishments:

Case Studies

Alumni Stories

Click the images to read some of our Alumni's stories


Derick Kappen

The program has helped me pursue what I want. By meeting people in leading roles, I was able to learn...


Kayleigh de Beer

I learnt a lot from my time on the programme, both as
a participant and as
an Ambassador...


Mary-Anne Aiyeola

During my time at icanyoucantoo, I was able to gain an insight into the lives of different professionals....


Osman Choudhry

icanyoucantoo allowed my confidence to skyrocket. I went from feeling nervous and intimidated when...

Mum and Dad.jpg

Founder's Story
Nilesh B. Dosa MBE

My parents came to the UK in the 1970s - my father from Tanzania and my mother from India. Neither of them had any formal schooling and my dad worked as a mechanic (Ford Motor Company). We lived in council accommodation in Newham...

Founders Story

How We Do It

All of icanyoucantoo’s activities and operations are 100% volunteer- and donation-powered. We work with individuals and organisations who give their time, money, and resources to make a difference.


We also encourage the young people who take part in our coaching and mentoring programme to ‘pay it forward’. Upon completing the programme they are offered the opportunity to apply for a role as a Student Ambassador, and then a fully-fledged Core Team member. 

We are proud of our sustainable operating model and focus on giving our young people active development opportunities.


Meet our Core Team:


Read our feedback:

"No matter how big or small the contribution, how old or young the volunteer, everyone was made to feel equally valued. Most importantly, those receiving and those giving were all simply members of the community, all on an even footing, and we all had something to gain from coming together. "

- Parent, London

Awards, publicity & media

Awards, Publicity, and Media


Meet the man turning inequality into opportunity for the next generation of leaders...

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