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Doesn’t every CHILD Have a dream...?

Every child has a dream. What if I were to tell you that many of these dreams – a career in Banking and Finance, a place at university, a new business idea, a livelihood in Sport or the Arts – don’t ever materialise? They don’t materialise not because of inability or inaptitude, but because of a postcode; an environment not conducive to aspiration, to achievement, to greatness.


mission statement

Instil a sense of belief, and therefore breed confidence, in youth from non-privileged communities by giving them:

  • access to real role models,

  • tangible opportunities; and

  • practical skills required for the world of work.


Inadequate role models, a lack of access to opportunities and an absence of openings to visualise success often inhibits youth, from non-privileged backgrounds, to enjoy ‘success’ – whether that be a career in Banking and Finance or a place at university. These ‘dreams’ don’t materialise not because of inability or inaptitude, but because of a postcode; an environment not conducive to
aspiration, to achievement.


Deliver a bespoke academic programme, to young adults from non-privileged communities, with monthly sessions focussing on a variety of topics, for example- dos/don'ts of interviews, personal branding, contents of an assessment centre, CV’s and how to write/deliver a presentation. Each session to be further enriched by practical exercises and an inspirational guest speaker.


Since inception in 2016/17:


have said that icanyoucantoo contributed to helping them decide what they wanted to do next


have gone on to further education –

studying accountancy, finance, law,

medicine and social sciences


have gone on to an apprenticeship –

including EY, Allen & Overy 

and Barclays


about me

My parents came to the UK in the 1970s - my father from Tanzania and mother from India. Neither of them had any formal schooling and my dad worked as a mechanic (Ford Motor Company). We lived in a one-bedroom council flat...

awards | in the news


  • February: Featured on Forbes.comMeet The Man Turning Inequality Into Opportunity For The Next Generation Of Leaders...


  • June: shortlisted, from almost 25,000 nominees, for the National Diversity Award - Positive Role Model Award for Race, Religion & Faith .

  • March: nominated for the EMpower Ethnic Minority Future Leader 2018 award (sponsored by The Financial Times);


  • September: won EY’s international award for “strengthening our communities.”

  • April: named in Brummel Magazine’s 30 Ones to Watch as one of the “rising stars of the city” for being a “champion of a mentoring programme – making the world a better place.”

the team

I am supported by a wonderful team of volunteers. Of course each member of the team is highly qualified, is a top professional and just a superb all round human-being 😄. But more than anything else, they have:

•a passion to support,
•a personality to inspire, and
•the persistence to persevere…

…for you see anyone can lend a ‘pair of hands’ but this team have given me, and the children, their hearts. I am sincerely grateful for having this wonderful team around me – thank you!



"Nilesh is changing the narrative around diversity –

he’s simply a game-changer!"


—  Chris, Sales (IBM)



case study

"Nilesh introduced me to the apprenticeship that EY offered. The work he has done has changed mine, and my friends’ lives, and he has given us chances we could have never expected."



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