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I grew up in a deprived area of East London...

The son of migrants, I grew up in a one-bedroom council flat in Newham, where I did my schooling.

I was diagnosed with a rare neurodegenerative condition at birth, called Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) disease. As the symptoms have gradually increased, so has my personal need to fulfil my purpose – to do as much as I can before my health prevents me from making the impact that I desire!

I’ve always had a desire for supporting low socio-economic communities –
and have volunteered my time since 1998.


I studied hard, got jobs at top tier firms,
yet still felt like an outsider...

I graduated with a first-class degree in finance; completed my chartered accountancy
training at a Big 4 firm; worked in banking and then joined EY in 2014.


But, I still felt like an outsider - realised very early on in my career, that being strong academically did
not stop me from feeling like an imposter – wearing a brown suit on my very first day at KPMG and
not knowing how to use my knives and forks are examples of feeling like an outsider, right from the off.


icanyoucantoo was born from my
desire to change the narrative...

Through my own lived experience I understand first-hand the challenges faced by many young
people and their families. And so, icanyoucantoo was born out of a frustration, a lived experience and
a hunger to change things – because it is unacceptable as it currently stands.


In January 2018, I took a 40% pay cut, went part-time (at EY) and created the
capacity I needed to do more for the causes I love.

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