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Simran Chatha

Taking part in the icanyoucantoo programme is truly the most life changing experience professionally and personally, for me.

During the recent pandemic, I enjoyed the transition to virtual sessions, where we kept the emotional togetherness by having weekly catch-ups. Through the virtual sessions, I was able to rethink and read just my vision of what I would like to achieve in the next few years. This caused me to have a lightbulb moment of creating a vision board, where I collected my thoughts on what I want to achieve in life – which I shared with the other students as motivation to think about their aspirations.

The supportive network has given me the freedom to express my worries of an uncertain future, in a forum of love and encouragement, speaking freely together about how the future impacts us young people. I also started a mini team, to articulate an idea of running a mini icanyoucantoo programme, to see if we could reach even more young people.

icanyoucantoo has provided me with unimaginable opportunities for an ordinary 17/18-year-old, from being able to work with the core team to featuring in an international podcast alongside some exceptional individuals.

Entering as an average East-London girl in 2018 on the programme, I was unaware of the unconditional love and guidance I would receive from the icanyoucantoo family.

The programme has genuinely transformed, grounded and pushed me out of my comfort zone and looking back, now I feel more comfortable networking with professionals because I am now equipped with the tools to succeed.

I promise to forever be part of the family and give my best to help young people and care for our beautiful community.

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