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Kayleigh de Beer

Kayleigh will be studying for a degree in Architecture at the University of Edinburgh from September 2023. After finishing the programme, Kayleigh stayed on as an Ambassador. She enjoyed the responsibility of supporting the students as they developed throughout the programme.



I learnt a lot from my time on the programme, both as a participant and as an Ambassador. I was always encouraged to step out of my comfort zone, try new things, meet new people and take on once in a lifetime opportunities that I would never have been offered if it weren’t for the programme.


The programme helped me grow in confidence as I was taught skills and life lessons that will help me secure a successful career, such as interview skills and how to create a professional network.

I enjoyed having so many opportunities to meet inspiring individuals that demonstrated how hard work pays off.


I really loved icanyoucantoo’s sense of community, as everybody would go above and beyond, whether it be for the coaching aspect of the programme or the humanitarian work the programme offered, such as the hot meals programmes at Christmas and Easter.

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