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Chloe Ashton-Rogers

I initially got involved with the icanyoucantoo programme during my first-year of university, where the team hosted a series of monthly coaching sessions which provided us with key skills required to tackle interviews, CV writing, presenting and assessment centres. The sessions were equally informative and fun. Hearing from a range of guest speakers served to inspire and raise my aspirations, aiding me in beginning to shape out a future career path for myself.


I built a real connection with the team which has consequently opened numerous doors for me. Since taking part in the programme I've presented on a global podcast, met some fantastic professionals, and have been provided with a skillset, from taking part in icanyoucantoo's humanitarian work, that I would have been unable to attain from attending university alone.


What stood out to me most was the humility of the team who have a genuine desire to improve the prospects of individuals who are from lower socio-economic backgrounds. The programme goes above and beyond anything /ve taken part in before and I am truly honoured to continue my journey with them.


I am now a member of the team, helping to coordinate the programme aspect of the initiative. Not only does this allow me to pass on my learnings to the next cohort of students, but it also further enhances and fine-tunes the skills I've developed so far. I've really enjoyed working alongside a team full of such humanity whilst also growing my professional and personal network.


The learnings from the programme have helped me in securing a graduate role in finance at Baker Hughes which is due to start in July. The coaching provided by the team allowed me to successfully approach the application process, having completed mock interviews and assessment centres as a student on the programme, I knew exactly what to expect and this allowed me to apply from a level-playing field. I am really looking forward to kick starting my career and, thanks to all of the skills I've developed whilst being a part of the team, am confident about stepping into a professional role and environment. 


If it weren't for icanyoucantoo, I would have neither the knowledge nor the confidence to fulfil such a role. The programme is, and truly has been, life-changing.

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