My parents came to the UK in the 1970s - my father from Tanzania and mother from India. Neither of them had any formal schooling and my dad worked as a mechanic (Ford Motor Company). We lived in council accommodation in Newham, where I did all of my schooling. After achieving a First Class degree in Finance, I completed my chartered accountancy training with KPMG, worked at Santander and LBG in banking and am now at EY.

Why am I doing what I do?

It is a modern-day tragedy that there are so many youngsters who live and study a stone’s throw away from the magnificent buildings I work in, yet they do not believe that they too could be a part of this world. These are limiting beliefs I simply cannot accept. 

Having grown up in a deprived part of London, I understand first-hand the challenges faced by many young people and their families. My passion, in all that I do, is clearly evident and is commented upon regularly. This is simply because ‘I get it’ – I am basically going ‘back home’ to give the next generation the opportunities and insights that I myself did not receive.