Every child deserves an opportunity to fulfil their potential

- this is their birth-right!

icanyoucantoo™  is born out of a frustration, a lived experience and a hunger to change things – because they are unacceptable as they stand. It is a mentoring and coaching initiative designed to inspire underprivileged youth. The words ‘disadvantaged’ and 'deprivation’ have many connotations, but all too often, they centre around one’s socio-economic status. This is neither fully accurate nor fair – every young adult has potential and every youth deserves an opportunity to reach theirs. It is a tragedy to accept it any other way.

They face substantial challenges, which need to be overcome, 

- but these are not insurmountable!

We passionately believe that what makes icanyoucantoo™  different is the fact that at our core, our grassroots initiative has been created by individuals who understand first-hand the experience of growing up in a particularly challenging environment. Our founder's upbringing in Newham (London) threw at me:

  • limited options;

  • a lack of access to positive role models, and;

  • an absence of opportunities to visualise success.


This is a substantial challenge, but not an insurmountable one. Our name delivers our first and lasting message to the young people we work with: "if I can do it, you can do it too!”

Our programme has been devised with the child in mind - we are not here to work for youth or above youth, but with the youth.

Each of our monthly sessions is carefully designed, and

further enriched, by a series of genuinely inspirational guest speakers.

Our programme runs during the academic year. It incorporates monthly sessions which are made up of carefully designed and invigorating workshops and activities. For instance, we run sessions on: the dos/dont's of an interview, how to navigate an Assessment Centre, how to write and deliver a presentation and Personal Branding. Each session is also complemented by an inspirational guest speaker, each of whom has their own deeply important story to share – these are genuinely motivational individuals who we have the privilege of being kindly supported by. Examples include - blind England international cricketer Hassan Khan, Redington CEO Mitesh Sheth, the former Olympian Olivia Carniege-Brown, celebrity mathematician Bobby Seagull and Didi Scott - Country Head at HSBC Private Bank. Each speaker will open up their hearts and stories in an intimate setting to inspire youth with a message you’re already familiar with… icanyoucantoo.

Every child has a dream... and so do we.

Our duty, is to bring their dream, to the fore – to support them make their dream a reality. We have real faith in our mission. We will stop at nothing to support every child, that we have the privilege to support; to dream, to believe and then to go on and achieve... 


By now, you know our goal, you’ve heard our heart and you’ve felt our spirit... 

...now, we extend our hand; take it, for this journey has only just begun.