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Anmol Bhangal

What has icanyoucantoo done for me? The programme provided me with access to a network of real-life role models and coaches – as well as practical skills required beyond further education. I gained an insight into the corporate world, which I had no clue about at first. I gained exposure to different organisations around The City – including EY, Redington, Linklaters and Barclays. I gained understanding of different careers paths available through different organisations, which helped me understand what appealed to me.

Being totally honest, if I hadn’t taken part in the program, I would not have known that I wanted to start my career in the corporate world. I didn’t even know how to get my foot in the door. I don’t feel I would have been a successful applicant without the skills I had learned through icanyoucantoo.

I learned how to network with professionals across different industries – Including Directors and CEO’s - which was quite nerve racking at first, learning how to talk to corporate seniors that work for millionaire dollar organisations. Guess what? They’re a very friendly bunch, and they provided me with advice and guidance throughout my time at sixth form and after. The network that I have started to create helped me strengthen my job applications, and gave me guidance on the application process for securing my apprenticeship at a FTSE 100 Wealth and Asset Manager.

I am now also an Ambassador on the program, that has further allowed me to develop my own skills. But, more importantly, start passing on my skillset to new students on the program - providing guidance, advice and being a role model for them. I am now mentoring a group of Year 12, sixth form students, to help them keep building on the skills they’ve learned from the programme.

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