We know that

  • Young people are not receiving appropriate career support at school due to funding cuts in 16-19 education, disproportionately impacting disadvantaged students;

  • Those from better off backgrounds are almost 80% more likely to land a top job than their working class peers;

  • 7% of the UK population are privately educated but they make up 75% of Judges; 50% of Cabinet and 34% of FTSE CEOs.

Sources: ‘Social Mobility in Great Britain – State Of The Nation 2018-2019’, www.gov.uk | The 97% Club

We take action to

  • Give young people from non-privileged backgrounds real, consistent role models from a range of professional careers;

  • Provide and coach practical and pastoral skills that they will need in future education and work opportunities; 

  • Create a supportive network of partners and volunteers, including C-suite level professionals, to share real world examples of career journeys and experiences;

  • Put the young people at the heart of everything we do, and every decision we make;

  • Measure our outcomes, so that we can hold ourselves accountable