Unique access

Our programme gives us unique access to families in some of the poorest boroughs in London, and we learnt quickly just how much they were struggling in the wake of COVID-19. 


To support them since lockdown began, we have been able to:


  • Deliver over 750kg of food to families daily, through informal partnerships created with M&S, Aldi and Lidl;

  • Deliver almost 150 freshly cooked meals, twice a week, through arrangements with local temples;

  • Secure arrangements with two local cash and carries and The Hygiene Bank to provide household necessities – including toilet paper, nappies and hygiene products;

  • Redistribute any surplus to local food banks, hospices and hospitals to ensure there is no waste, We have created a system whereby the food received first goes to the families identified as being “high-priority”, and any surpluses of perishable foods are then re-distributed to others in need.

How you can help

To fund these activities we have had kind donations from organisations within our network. We also have a lot of enquiries from individuals who want to contribute. You (or any organisations you are part of) can donate directly to our fund using the link below. All contributions go directly towards the following items for vulnerable families:

  • Regular deliveries of essential hygiene products and food;

  • Seasonal items such as blankets; duvets; hats; coats; scarves and gloves;

  • Items to encourage education and learning such as Lego; board games; uniform and PE kit;

  • Festive items such as Christmas presents and Easter eggs for the children


Of course – if you would like to make a donation that is not cash – we are always interested in making connections to suppliers who can help source any of the items mentioned above so please do get in touch - thank you!