case study

Here is an example of Joshua (pictured middle) who I mentored as part of the icanyoucantoo™ initiative in 2016/17- this picture shows him at his very first coaching session in September 2016, held at the EY offices in London. After working with him throughout the academic year, Joshua secured a place on the 5-year EY Business Apprenticeship and is now training to become a Chartered Accountant, having joined in September 2017.


The picture below shows him presenting with me in Germany to the EMEIA   Regional Leadership Team.


I’m sure you’ll agree that is quite a journey for the 18-old year from Leyton!

1 - EMEIA - Europe, Middle East, India and Africa


"A year ago I never expected that someone like me would get a chance in a firm like EY. I can see Canary Wharf from my window – but I didn’t think it would ever be possible for me. Now that I am here I have one ask - please level the playing field. We know others fit in better. But give us a chance – please…"

- Joshua Tobi-Akinsowon

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